Posts from 2016

Render Color Spaces

I first conducted these tests in October 2014 in response to a 3D-Pro thread discussing the likely effects of using ACES primaries (specifically AP0) as a rendering color space. Since then the ACEScg specification was released (AP1), which is roughly equivalent to Rec.2020, so if you like you can read...

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Beagle Street

Finish recently completed this lovely spot for Beagle Street Life Insurance using alShaders for the dog. You can watch the full video on Finish's website.

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Hello, World!

I'll be using this blog as a bit of a stream of consciousness dump while I'm developing various projects. In particular I'll be focusing on the development of alShaders, including plans and tests for version 2. I'll also be tracking the development of my own renderer, Sly, as well as...

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