Beagle Street

Finish recently completed this lovely spot for Beagle Street Life Insurance using alShaders for the dog. You can watch the full video on Finish's website.

Harin Hirani, 3D Lead at Finish, said about the project:

alSurface was used for the skin, eyes, tongue and teeth of the beagle. The attenuation feature of the shader was particularly great at giving the teeth a convincing translucent appearance. We would often layer up multiple versions of the shader using the alLayer to give us the final look we were after. The energy conserving nature of the shader meant we could tune the settings with confidence knowing we would get physically plausible results.

alHair was used for all the fur elements of the beagle, the body, whiskers, eyebrows and eyelashes. We used our own painted colour textures to drive the dye colour and used the randomization features of the shader to give the fur a more natural appearance.

We needed to have control over how strong the rim lighting should be on a shot by shot basis so having the lighting separated in light groups meant it was very easy to adjust at the compositing stage.

For the fur we knew we would want to alter the black, browns and whites of the beagle independently so we made full use of the fur ID aovs.